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Its a fact that other swingers love to read what others have been up to which is probably one of the reasons the swingers stories section within the blog is one of the most visited sections within the site and once that gets the most response from members reading and commenting about what other swingers have been up two

Reading stories either fiction or real life offers a great insight!

As a member even a free one you'll have full access to the forums & blogs section and once there you'll find a massive section where stories and articles have been submitted that cover every type of swinging subject from first time meets, cuckold stories to factual articles on how best to meet with other swingers

But its by far the swingers stories that generate the biggest response and these stories should you wish can be left open so members can make comments, or if your a little worried about comments you can close them

To give you some idea of the swingers stories posted I've placed some sample stories below and it will give you a little taster as to whats available to you once you are a member and considering basic membership is free it won't even cost you anything to join up and read the members stories

Read sample swingers stories & articles

  • our first time (story) - we joined the site and really didn't know what to expect, it either going to be a great success or just a waste of time but least where we joined for free it wouldn't cost us anything. After being members for a few weeks we soon realised that we needed to do something with our profile and after adding photos so soon had members contacting us, but it was when Karen dropped us a line we knew our first threesome was at last going to happen
  • someone to fuck my wife (cuckold story) - the word cuckold meant nothing to me well that was until I joined this site and I posted an advert asking for single males and this guy relied asking if I was going to perform cuckold cleanup and it was within this that I started finding out what cuckoldry was all about
  • dogging was that fun (dogging article ) - its something we'd been thinking about doing for sometime and having looked around online we found a few places that detailed dogging locations, so one night we went off in the hunt for some dogger. Our first night was a flop not a single guy, the second didn't work out that much better and by the third were ready to throw the towel in so to speak, then we found a dogging forums
  • bukkake meet ( true story) - I told my husband that I wanted a bukkake party! he looked at me first thinking I was taking the piss but then could see I was 100% dead serious that I wanted this so we posted our advert and it didn't take long before the replies started coming in and in the end had to restrict it to 15 guys
  • swingers clubs ( fiction story) - we had been wanting to try a swingers club for a long but didn't want to go alone so placed an advert in the forums section and we soon had some offers from members. We meet this couple in the town as the club was quite close to the main city centre and after a few drinks we walked over to the club. All I know is we were happy we were with some members that had used the club

These are just a sample of the swingers stories that have been submitted and if you want to read the full story all you need do is join up and log into the forums section

As we don't charge to be a basic member you could be reading these stories for FREE and as free membership even includes full access to profiles hopefully you'll meet up with other members for some swinging fun

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these stories are only excerpts and the full stories are within the members section along with loads more plus useful information on the swinging scene

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