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How to Place a swingers personals ads

Want to get your Swingers ad live!

One of the first things people do after joining a swingers personals website is rush to get their ad live and this is where so many people go wrong thinking they have to get something live FAST so they can get members contacting them but with a little research they will be able to produce a more attractive swingers advert and get more people contacting them

It's not a race, take your time and think about what your saying!

Once you've joined the rest of us horny swingers your first consideration needs to be YOUR advert after all that's what's going to make people want to contact you ands a dull and un attractive email will get no replies and leave you wondering why its failed or worse that you've join a naff site which we know for a fact with the thousands of members we have THATS not the case

So a little research is a must plus as a member its great fun looking around at members profiles and seeing what they are saying and what's attractive, after all if you look at a message and think its naff you'll know what not to put in your own message. By following these basic tips your swingers personals advert will not only get loads of members contacting you but better still you'll be a happy member which is what we want

How do I do a great swingers ad?

  • Stop - that's right before you even think about adding a swingers personal ad, look around the site and see what others are saying this will give you some ideas as to what needs to be on yours.
  • member name - try and use one that will help tell others about yourself and also one that's easy to remember
  • profile heading - its the first thing people will see so make a good introduction, just posting "hello looking for others" will do nothing but " Young couple from Essex after local Contacts " will, see the difference
  • Profile - its YOUR avert so make it a good one, one liner profile more often than not get ignored so put some effort into what your saying and if you cant think of anything to say look around at other you'll soon get some ideas
  • Photos - pics more pics & even more pics but defiantly post some! profiles with no photos more often than not don't get taken seriously so post some photos up and if you don't want to show your face crop it out
  • Honesty - don't lie its the worst thing you can do on your profile, if you've got a bit of a belly tell people if your pecker is massive warn people ( ok we can dream) but more so don't try to lie or fool other swingers as they will soon tell others
  • Get involved - lastly get involved with the site, we have chat rooms, forums, blogs in fact everything to make our site a great online community and members that get involved in the site soon start to build friends and contact up.

By following the basic guidelines above you'll soon have members contacting you and wanting to meet up so put some thought & effort into your swingers personals advert and you'll struggle to cope with the members messages you'll start getting

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