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Looking for dogging locations!!! yep so am I LOL and I know one thing for sure I would find any decent ones via a swingers or sex contacts website !!! If you want to find dogging locations then theirs only one people to ask that's the doggers !!!

Why so many sites offering dogging information

Because all they are trying to do is get you to sign up to some premium rate phone number with dogging info or join a members website that will past locations on. Now you may ask what's wrong with that? well nothing really everyone has to make money some how and as hard as it to believe "love DOSEN 'T make the world go round "

So what we can we offer doggers? FREE INFORMATION that's what!! and the reason we do it for free is we don't provide this info our swingers & dogging members do !!!. Within the members section we have various way members chat & pass information over, this is either done via the dogging chatroom's , message boards or the dogging blogs that we have and as these messages are posted by members one thing you can be pretty sure of is they are current

Just check out these recent postings from members

  • Portsmouth dogging - if your thinking about Portsdown Hill forget it I've been their loads of times its dead!! I did try the nudist beach at Eastney and got some action although its pretty slow going. Some told me about dogging around 100 Acres Wood in Wickham so anyone know anything about this?
  • Brighton help - I've just moved to Brighton and I'm looking for dogging info! I'm sure with such a liberal city theirs must be loads so anyone want to drop me some details - and BTW I'm a straight male 27 VWE so anyone wanna meet drop me a note my preference is bareback dogging
  • Arundel Doggers - check out the Haughton Picnic park its off the A284 out of Arundel once you hit the roundabout there's a large car-park with toilets and you really can't miss it
  • Dover - try the Buckland Estates behind community centre loads going on just make sure you watch out for the police as they seem to be patrolling a lot right now, also try behind Dover Castle in the car park that seems pretty busy as well

All the postings made within the members section are made by REAL DOGGERS not just website owners trying to get you to join a site and as basic membership is free you too can access the chatrooms and check out the best places to lets say "walk the Dog!" LOL - enjoy

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